UltraTAG Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog


UltraTAG is a Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog for Lightroom 2+, Bridge 2.1+ (Photoshop CS3+), Photo Mechanic 4.5+, IDimager 4+ (Photo Supreme), Breeze Browser 1.9+ and Fotostation Pro 6+.
It contains more than 22,000 english and german terms and synonyms including scientific names for fauna and flora. It is organized in an understandable hierarchical structure. UltraTAG is ideal for creative professionals and photographers that want a thorough set of terms for keywording images. UltraTAG includes following Keyword Catalog variations:


  • Default Keyword Catalog in German
  • Default Keyword Catalog in English
  • LR Synomym Complaint Keyword Catalog in German
  • LR Synomym Complaint Keyword Catalog in English 


Note that UltraTAG's Controlled Keyword Catalog is a working tool meant to simplify keywording. It should not be considered to be scientific reference material. Especially animal taxonomy and classifications change from time to time. The UltraTAG Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog can be used on Windows as well as on Mac OSX.


UltraTAG is released under the GPL 3.0 or later © 2019 Marco Rutz. The current version is available here.